One of CULD’s Lions

The traditions of the lion dance have had a long history in China. There are many different sayings about the origin of the lion dance but none with any real historical records. In general, the lion dance is believed to bring luck and prosperity, to drive off devils and spirits, and to bring peace and good harvests to the people.

The Columbia University Lion Dance (CULD) is a student-run group founded in the fall of 2000 with the help of the Columbia University Chinese Students Club (CSC) in New York City. Ever since our debut at CSC’s Lunar Gala in the spring of 2001, the largest culture and fashion show on campus, our membership and popularity have steadily been on the rise. Our style of lion dancing was first shaped by Tony Chuy’s Northern Mantis School and carries influences of Hung Gar and Southern Mantis foundations from contributions by our more experienced members.

In 2009, Columbia University Lion Dance became recognized at Columbia by ABC (Activities Board at Columbia). We are open to all, and no experience is necessary! We will teach you everything from techniques and tricks to history and customs, and we provide all equipment. We perform all over the tri-state area as well as at Columbia for all sorts of occasions: campus events, corporate events, charity events, weddings, birthday parties, Chinese New Year events, you name it! We practice hard, have fun, and we bring you a slice of traditional Chinese culture.

Practices for the Fall semester of 2016 will be held from from 6pm-8pm every Thursday and 3:15pm-5pm every Sunday afternoon. Please feel free to come by and send us an email. If you have any questions about Columbia Lion Dance, feel free to email us at columbiauniversityliondance [at] gmail [dot] com. Gallery from recent practices and performances can be found here.